When putting together a list of the greatest live music acts, you can’t go past legends like the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, U2, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen.

You get the idea. They have supreme back catalogues and decades of performing experience behind them.

But after those legends off the list, who would step-in as greatest live performers in the world today?

Forbes recently put that question to the test, the only criteria is that the artist’s debut album has to have been released in 1992 or after.

Clairsy & Lisa couldn’t resist chatting about it on Wednesday morning…

Forbes’ Top 15 Live Bands Of The Last 30 Years

John Mayer



Foo Fighters

Florence + The Machine

Fiona Apple

The National


A$AP Rocky

Brandi Carlile

Rage Against The Machine


Taylor Swift

Dave Matthews Band

The Roots