Renowned actor Gary Graham, celebrated for his roles in iconic TV series like Alien Nation and Star Trek: Enterprise, has passed away at the age of 73, as announced by his ex-wife, Susan Lavelle.

Sharing the news on Facebook, Lavelle described Graham as an “amazing actor and father” to their daughter, Haylee. She said Graham’s death was sudden, however his wife Becky Hopkins was with him.

Graham gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Detective Matthew Sikes in the 1980s science-fiction series Alien Nation. The show depicted a future where humans and extraterrestrial beings coexist, focusing on the relationship between Detective Sikes and an alien ‘newcomer,’ Sam ‘George’ Francisco.

From 2001 to 2005, Graham further solidified his place in the sci-fi realm with his role as Ambassador Soval in Star Trek: Enterprise, appearing in a total of 12 episodes. Lavelle fondly remembered Graham as having a funny and sarcastic sense of humour, a strong advocate for his beliefs, a devout Christian, and a proud father to their daughter, Haylee.

Expressing her grief, Lavelle conveyed, “Fly high into the heavens, Gar! Thank you for our journey and thank you for the gifts you left me in acting, my love of horses, and most importantly, our daughter.”

Haylee Graham, in her own tribute on social media, acknowledged the outpouring of condolences and shared stories about her father. She expressed her gratitude for the impact her father had on so many lives, describing him as incredible and talented.

“I miss him so much,” she said.