With Ian Moss, any chat about the latest tour or album almost always turns into a chat about the old Cold Chisel days and honestly, we’re absolutely here for it.

Monday was no different.

As he 100% promised, Ian Moss is back in town picking up where he and Troy Cassar-Daley left us after having to cut short the WA dates for their Together Alone Tour last year.

Clairsy asked if Mossy had spoken to Jimmy Barnes lately, particularly as Barnesy’s social media was all about his recovery from hip surgery.


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It didn’t take long before Mossy began recalling some of the onstage shenanigans in the late 1970s, such as climbing and jumping off PA stacks which honestly, would’ve absolutely contributed to anyone’s bung hip.

“He did a bit of body surfing, except the crowd didn’t know what he was doing and stepped aside; he went crashing to the floor,” he said.

“This was Bombay Rock in 1979 – he didn’t feel a thing.”

Mossy said that Barnesy got him in “one of those neck hugs” and the pair had rubbed faces because they were singing into the one microphone.

It wasn’t until Barnesy had stepped back and saw blood on Mossy’s face.

“The look of horror when he realised it wasn’t my blood but his.”

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