After first airing from 1995 to 1996 (and again in 2008), Gladiators is returning in 2024.

Netball legend Liz Ellis will join Beau Ryan hosting the new series where a new generation of Gladiators will compete in a string of bouts with Challengers.

“It’s got such great nostalgic value,” Ellis told Clairsy & Lisa on Thursday. “But the way they’ve done the set this time… it’s awesome, it looks like a whole Marvel universe.”

While the new show will have a bunch of new challenge events, Ellis hinted at plenty of 90’s throwbacks (fingers crossed for The Gauntlet) – including one familiar face from the Mike Whitney days of the show.

“Our referee is Hammer!” Ellis announced, referring to rugby league legend Mark McGaw who was also an original Gladiator:

“He took it so seriously, he first came in wearing all the OG Gladiators gear,” Ellis recalled. “We were like, ‘oh my god this merch!’, he had this bomber jacket… it was just phenomenal.”

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