Nestled ominously at the bottom of a Swiss lake is a sight that could leave even the most fearless divers with a brown wetsuit.

Deep within the murky depths Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is a menacing 20-foot fiberglass shark, boasting a devilishly wicked grin.


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Since its discovery in 2002 (imagine being that guy) the submerged statue has evolved into an eerie underwater attraction.

It’s been long-speculated the shark may have been a prop for an experimental short film called Choc au Lac! which was filmed in 1975 by a group of 176 kids from Neuchâtel. The film was never finished, and the terrifying statue was left abandoned underwater.

Others reckon it’s simply a prank.

Whatever it is, it’s a sick jump-scare.

After Clairsy & Lisa had a chat about the shark, they opened the phones about what scared the absolute bejesus out of you…

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