It’s always weird when you see one of your childhood heroes either swears or uses a great comeback.

During a chat with Clairsy & Lisa, Noni Hazlehurst described the third season of Every Family Has A Secret as actual ‘reality television’.

“It’s just so beautifully done,” she remarked, “And it’s real… as opposed to, y’know, the other stuff that’s called reality but has no relationship to reality.”

Noni went on to say that the families that participate in the show “aren’t television wannabes or influencers, they’re actual people who have been haunted their whole lives by a secret they want to get to the bottom of.”

Clairsy chimed in to say that it’s a show that would have some surprises along the way.

“Like finding out that Nanna was a call girl many years ago or whatever it might have been,” he said.

To which Noni, our Play School mum, deadpanned: “Oh that’s nothing… we would reject that story for not being fascinating enough.”


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Every Family Has A Secret

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