If you’re considering dropping your Christmas vouchers on this awesome retro-looking electric minibike, perhaps check that it’s actually legal to ride one in your state.

Sold by Big W, the Razor Rambler 16 Electric Scooter is no doubt a beaut, with riser-style handlebars, super wide tyres, and banana-style seat. And honestly, that paint job is cool AF.

As per the product details, the $1299 minibike – measuring 35.5kg, 85cm high and 135cm long – can reach speeds of up to 25km/h through a ‘powerful, quiet, 350-watt hub motor… powered by a 36-volt battery system.’


Thing is, the cops might take this sweet ride off you.

Despite two warnings to ‘check local laws’, the reality of these warnings are found in the customer reviews.

“Was pulled up by police and mine was taken off me. I also got a fine. This sucks,” Barry from Kiama, NSW, wrote along with one star.

Another one-star review described a similar situation, but from WA.

“Be careful as these exceed the length and weight to be legally ridden on public footpaths and roads in WA, that’s why they put a disclaimer telling you to check without actually telling you the reality that these can be confiscated and crushed by the Police and leave you with a huge fine,” DeeJay warned.

And they’re right, if your eRide is confiscated by police in WA, they’re destroyed – even if it’s a first offence.

As bigger commuter eRideables become more popular, Australia remains divided on specific regulations. Age, how fast you can go and where you can ride them changes depending on the state or territory you’re in.

If you want to avoid writing a similar review on the Big Dubs website, check your state government’s website (and your local council) to make sure you’re good to go.