In the era of streaming, it might seem like physical media is as outdated as a flip phone. But before you ditch your DVD collection, consider these reasons why those shiny discs are still worth keeping around.

Content Disappears from Streaming Services

Ever been binge-watching a series only to find it suddenly vanish from your favourite streaming platform? It happens more often than you’d think. With DVDs and Blu-rays, no need to worry about this! You own the content for good, no subscription required.

No Internet? No Problem!

Picture this: a storm knocks out your wifi, leaving you staring at a buffering icon. Cue the frustration. With discs, you can watch your favourite movies and shows anytime, anywhere—no internet required. You do, however, need to keep the disc free of scratches to ensure there is no interruption to your content.

Cheaper for the Binge-Watcher

If you’re the type who rewatches “Friends” or “The Office” on repeat, owning the DVDs or Blu-rays can save you a pretty penny compared to streaming fees. It’s the frugal binge-watcher’s dream!

Share the Love

Ever wanted to lend a movie to a friend? You can’t exactly hand over your Netflix account, but you can definitely lend out a DVD. Movie night at your place just got even better.

Special Features Galore

Deleted scenes, bloopers, behind-the-scenes documentaries—who doesn’t love those extras? DVDs and Blu-rays often come packed with bonus content you won’t find on streaming platforms.

Old-School is Cool

Now, for the younger kids out there who have no idea what a DVD or Blu-ray is, don’t worry; one day, you might. Just like how record players and vinyl records virtually disappeared but made a comeback, especially among younger generations, DVDs and Blu-rays could be cool enough to make a comeback too!

So, before you toss those discs in the donation bin, think about the perks of having a physical movie library. Streaming may be convenient, but sometimes, old-school is the way to go.