In case you missed it earlier this week, a truly cursed flat in Adelaide had been doing the rounds.

If it had not graced your newsfeed, please refer to ‘this glass box in the kitchen is actually your bathroom’ apartment.

Yep, that big ol’ glass box right there is the bathroom. Good news if you’re a serious multi-tasker.

I mean, at the very least make the entire thing opaque.

In case you’re thinking this is a giant stitch-up, check out the floor plan:

At least it has a balcony, eh?

Anyway, it seems that one of two things have happened.

The listing has been removed due to the internet’s laughter… or someone has rented it.

Strange bathroom design or not, in this housing market we’re pretty sure it was probs snapped up.

We wish everyone the very best at the housewarming.