It’s clearly Australia’s favourite pub meal and while the Eastern states might not be able to agree on the correct name for it (it’s a parmi, you heathens!), one thing the whole country can agree on is that you CANNOT USE FAKE CHEESE ON TOP OF A PARMI. Recently, a Brisbane resident took to Reddit to express his disappointment with the quality of the Aussie pub’s famous dish.

Reddit user u/OfficialUberZ posted an image of what could potentially be the most unsatisfactory parmi in Australia, with a caption that read, “If you needed proof that the world is falling apart, I just paid $24 for this. Can you guess what it is?”

If you needed proof that the world was going to shit, I just paid $24 for this, guess what it is.
by u/OfficialUberZ in brisbane

The picture displayed a chicken parmigiana with plastic cheese slices on top, causing disgust among many users. One commenter noted that the plastic covering was still present, while another questioned the use of fake cheese on a parmi.

A user recommended sending the dish back, while another commented that the use of plastic cheese was a crime. In the comments section, many people urged the original poster to disclose the name of the pub, which was later revealed to be a local Sports Club.

Maybe we can give clubs a little more leeway, we still wouldn’t be happy if this was popped down on the table in front of us though.

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