You know the rising cost of living is becoming too much when it starts to impact the humble potato chip.

Take, for instance, a 175g packet of Thins Chips available at Woolworths, which now demands a hefty price of $5.65 in some locations. However, if you stumble upon a glorious special offer, you might be lucky enough to snag it for the slightly more reasonable price of $5.45.

One disgruntled shopper took to Twitter to express their disbelief, rhetorically asking, “When did a packet of chips become so exorbitant that $5.45 is considered a bargain?!” The sarcasm was not lost on fellow Twitter users, who amusingly responded, “Ah, the mind-blowing saving of 20 cents. It’s practically worth printing tickets for…almost.”

Nostalgia played its part too, with folks reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” when a packet of chips would cost a mere $2. Although, Aldi has been making a name for itself by offering more reasonably priced chips.

In fact, shoppers have been keen to point out the exorbitant prices of other chip brands as well. For instance, the premium and oh-so-delicious Kettle Chip can set you back a staggering $11 for just two packs at Coles, and that’s only during the ever-elusive special offer (where a whole $1 can be saved!).


A concerned shopper snapped a picture of the popular Kettle chip with a heart-stopping price tag of $7.50 per packet at their local 7/11. They humorously commented, “They better be the best chips anyone has ever tasted…”

While many consumers express their dissatisfaction with the escalating costs, some have resorted to alternative snack options such as popcorn machines or healthier alternatives. The quest for reasonably priced munchies continues, but for now, it seems that the days of affordable chips are nothing more than a distant memory.