In the recent episode of Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families, husband and wife Justin and Kylie reflect on joy found in small moments with family, with Kylie recalling a profound moment between her and her nine-year-old daughter, Emily.

Emily seems drawn to friendships with boys and as a result, has been watching more violent cartoons than she’s used to.

After watching ‘somebody get killed’ in a cartoon, Emily approached her mum distressed and bursts into tears.

Take a listen to Kylie telling the whole story here:

Justin realises that where once upon a time kids grew up watching ABC, now there’s stuff everywhere and it’s impossible to stay across it all as a parent.

Research shows that cartoons today are very different from what they used to be and there’s a different tone to a lot of the violence now.


“Cartoons are so intense nowadays compared to what they were when we were kids. There’s only so much that could happen with the technology, whereas now, it’s over the top.”

However the parents can’t pay enough credit to Emily for her courage in coming to them and sharing her experience. It’s an important reminder that kids know they’re safe to come to us – they’re not going to get in trouble but rather we’re going to help them process emotions in healthy and functional ways.

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