Has science gone too far? Probably, but at least we now know that if a human swallows lego, they will safely poop them out.

The study was conducted for panicked parents who end up in the ER after discovering that their child has swallowed lego.

The experiment was headed by Melbourne emergency physician Dr. Andy Tagg, who is no stranger to ingesting lego after swallowing lego himself as a toddler.

Dr. Tagg told NPR that he and his colleagues deal with panicked parents whose little ones have swallowed small toys like lego “almost every day” and are constantly reassuring them, but can now back that reassurance up with experience and data.

Speaking of data, the two metrics used and published into the ‘Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health’ are Stool Hardness and Transit, and Found and Retrieved Time, or SHAT and FART for short.

The study did find that it takes on average, one to two days to pass the lego pieces.