If you haven’t been to the Cat Café in Subiaco, you may want to make a booking, quick-sticks.

After eight years, on April 28, they’ll be closing their doors.

In a statement posted to social media, owners Pepi and Chris broke the news to cat lovers that they found themselves in a tricky spot where they had no other choice but to close.

“…back in February, we finally found a buyer,” they began.

“The offer was good, and we accepted it. The deposit went through and all that was left was for the buyer to set up a new lease with the landlord. Unfortunately for us, the landlord advised they’d like to pursue all their options. After weeks of waiting for a decision to be made, and after more than enough patience was granted, the buyer withdrew their offer this week and we lost the sale.”

They went on to explain why, despite the lost sale, it’s likely they can’t remain, nor can they simply move into a new space.

“At this point we’re pretty sure a new tenant is coming to take over our space, so we likely can’t stay where we are,” they said.

“We also can’t move. Even if it was across the street, it would cost too much to fit out and take too long to get the use-change for a Cat Cafe through any Council.

“In short, we’re out of options and running out of time; we have to close down.”

It was previously reported that the cats were never part of the sale and would be rehomed with staff.