While Alison Fan spoke to Clairsy & Lisa about the new documentary ‘Claremont: A Killer Among Us’, the focus shifted to another notorious Perth case.

In 2007, Corryn Rayney’s body was found buried in Kings Park nine days after she went missing. Her husband Lloyd Rayney always denied having anything to do with her death and in 2012, after a judge-alone trial, was found not guilty of her murder — a verdict upheld on appeal.

Mrs Rayney’s murder to this day remains unsolved.

Lisa asked for Alison’s thoughts on the Rayney case, particularly as police have said there will not be an inquest.

“I find that quite outrageous,” Lisa said, “[Mr Rayney] was found not guilty, which means that, out there, there is someone who killed this woman. Not only do we need to know who that is for the sake of her family, but for the sake of everybody’s safety.”

Fan didn’t hold back on her thoughts, focussing on a piece of ‘seedy’ evidence she always found compelling…

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