Well, that’s it. The Armadale line shutdown has kicked off with the removal of its first boom gate.

Six level crossings will be removed along the Armadale Line by raising the rail over the road at Mint Street, Oats Street, Welshpool Road, Hamilton Street, Wharf Street and William Street.

New modern elevated stations will be built at Carlisle, Oats Street, Queens Park, Cannington and Beckenham stations. Welshpool Station will close.

WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti told Clairsy & Lisa this morning that 18,000 regular users of the line have registered their Smartrider cards and will receive free travel for 6 months as a system of replacement buses will temporarily service the line.

During this time, 40 traffic lights along the bus route have been installed with technology enabling them to ‘see’ when buses are approaching.

“If [the bus is] running late, then they hold the green light longer to allow the bus to jump through the lights.”

Ms Saffioti also said a lot of the project’s structural work is being done off-site, including 532 L-beams which have already been constructed and will be ready to be installed once works are underway.

“This morning I went to one of the level crossings and we removed our first boom gate, so the first boom gates have gone on Mint Street,” she added.

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