Legendary Australian performer, Anthony Warlow sat down with Lisa and Clairsy on Wednesday morning ahead of his upcoming role of Billy Flynn in Chicago.

The show is based in the 1920’s and features aspiring chorus girl Roxie Hart and fading vaudeville star Velma Kelly who each face trial for murder. The pair compete for the services of shady lawyer Billy Flynn, who promises to make them media celebrities and win them acquittals.

“It’s sassy. Sexy. Yeah. The best,” Warlow said of the show, which is based on a true story.

“Belvah and Beulah, great names, the two women that Roxy and Velma are based on… Billy Flynn is based on two lawyers that got these women acquitted.”

Playing Roxy’s gullible husband, Amos Hart, is played by one of our faves, Pete Rowsthorn.

While Rowsthorn is best known for his stand-up comedy and Kath & Kim’s Brett Craig, it seems he has some serious musical stage chops where both actors have to completely trust each other.

“We sort of we watch and we we nod and, you know, and then we we go through our lines because the way that that we’re presenting this dialog is spitfire. If you remember those old forties movies where all the dialog was very quick… so yeah, if one little line goes out of whack, the train is a wreck,” Warlow said, adding that, “When it works, it’s terrific… he’s wonderful.”

Chicago aside, Clairsy couldn’t help but fangirl, reminding Warlow about the time they actually ran into each other in New York.

“Did you say hello? Did I say hello?” Warlow asked sheepishly.

Here’s what happened…

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Chicago The Musical kicks off at Crown Theatre on November 21. Tickets at Ticketmaster!