Perth’s broadcasting community is mourning the loss of former Channel 7 presenter Yvette Mooney after a 16-year battle with cancer.

The 58-year-old begun her career in 1984 as a local reporter for Seven News, before making her way into the studio to deliver weekend bulletins and host Today Tonight.

Yvette spent more than 20 years at the news desk.

In 2008, she resigned following her diagnosis to focus on her health. She went on to fight the disease for 16 years.

Ryan Daniels paid tribute to her on Monday after his sport chat with Clairsy & Lisa.

“You guys have worked in media a long time and it’s not often you hear about somebody who no one says a bad word about,” he said. “Yvette is that person.”

Channel 7’s Susannah Carr and Rick Ardon described her as ‘the complete package’.

“She was a really good journalist, a beautiful girl both inside and out,” Susannah said. “Beautiful to look at, a beautiful voice but a really nice nature and lovely to be around.”

Rick remembered Yvette’s warmth and talent for speaking easily on camera.

“Some of us have to work at how we speak, but with Yvette it just came naturally. She was a beautiful person and we’ll miss her.”

She passed away on Saturday night surrounded by family, and leaves behind husband Phil and son Andre.