The world makes sense again for cashless punters at the Perth Royal Show after a Telstra outage on Monday left them unable to pay for anything via EFTPOS.

Forget the Gravitron, it’s understood that ATMs in the Showgrounds had attracted some of the longest lines, some waiting hours.

“We went today and was a shitshow with Telstra being down knocking out a lot of EFTPOS. I had some cash, but people spent hours in the ATM line,” one commenter said on r/Perth.

“Anytime you cram 10’s of thousands of people into a small area it’s probably going to overload the network – it happens regularly around the world where people fail to plan,” wrote another Redditor.

They added, “If you then have various vendors trying to run services over that same network, it’s going to be a complete clusterf–k.”

A spokesman for the Royal Show said there had been a telecommunication issue due to crowd size.

“We have mitigated the situation by providing hot spots around the ground for operators and vendors,” they added.

The Perth Royal Show is open from 10am to 9pm every day until October 1 at the Claremont Showgrounds.