Not satisfied with just one, our very own Jon Pinder is slinging two shows during Fringe, yieww!

Firstly, how could we resist a show called 1 Night Stand? Double-billed with fellow comedian Tor Snyder, these two will split your sides with their improvised stand-up.

Best thing, because it’s improv with no subject being off-limits and no tangent too far… no two shows are the same. You’re basically getting a bespoke one-off show every time.

Pinder’s other show is the perfectly titled, Absolute Geezer. Because that’s exactly who he is.

From the show’s page:

gēezeṟ    [gee-zer]

(noun) a British man who saunters about the place slinging comedy gold at the masses.

eg: ‘There goes that absolute geezer, Jon Pinder.’

Hit PLAY to listen to Jon Pinder banter with Clairsy & Lisa…