AC/DC fans wanting to visit Bon Scott’s memorial at Fremantle Cemetery by walking through the wrought iron gate dedicated to him may come away disappointed… because they’re not there.


A couple of Reddit posts this week sparked some alarm that something nefarious must of happened because it looked like it had been ripped from its hinges:

Bon Scott gate stolen?!
byu/ybflao inperth

While the hot rumour was that the gate was pinched, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board told 96FM they “would like to dispel any rumour of the Bon Scott Memorial Gate being stolen.”

Turns out the next worst thing happened: a car had pranged into it.

“[It] caused considerable damage to the gate and surrounding brickwork,” the MCB spokesperson said of the incident.

“Staff at Fremantle Cemetery worked quickly to remove the gate for repair and cordoned off the area.”

The gate is currently secured away until the archway repair has been completed, which is estimated to be later this month.

“Once the repair works have been completed, the gate will be put back,” they said.

The original AC/DC frontman died on 19 February 1980 at just 33.

His memorial, made up of a ‘resting plaque’ and a bench seat, is located in the Garden of Remembrance in the north-west corner of the cemetery.