OK, so it’s not finished yet but watching an epic five-metre high sand sculpture being constructed at Elizabeth Quay still sounds pretty damn interesting.

Jennifer Rossen is a local Perth girl who grew up making sand castles on Cottesloe Beach and has spent the last 25 years travelling the world making sand sculptures.

Jenny Rossen

Jenny and her team of international sand sculptors have just kicked off carving a huge 100-tonne sculpture as part of the City of Perth Christmas Light Trail.

But, but, but, they’re not building a sand castle this time!

There will two sides to the Christmas Sand Sculpture Village installation: a Nativity scene on one side (in the style of the old masters) and a traditional ‘Santa Surprise’ on the other.

A bit like these:

Credit: www.sculptingsand.com


Credit: www.sculptingsand.com

There’s also plenty of opportunity to get involved when it’s finished, including taking a free beach sand sculpture workshop.

Let’s be clear – they’ve literally just started carving today, but honestly, part of the fun is seeing the sculptors in action and see the progression!

So you’re welcome to come down for a peep before the big reveal on November 18!

The Christmas Sand Sculpture Village will be on display until January 2, 2023.

Head here for all the info!