Sixty-two million dollars is a tough act to follow.

“I’m old enough to remember when we started doing the ‘Thank you very much’ conga line when it hit $100,000. Last year, Telethon raised $62 million…” Lisa remarked to Channel 7’s Tim McMillan who dropped in for a chat about Telethon this weekend.

“Yeah,” he said, “it’s shot up a little bit, hasn’t it?”

“Obviously there’s a little bit of pressure to exceed that number every year, but a testament to the extraordinary generosity of Western Australians.”

But while it’s WA’s premier charity weekend, it’s also the weekend you can catch celebs in more of an ‘off duty’ mode… and while Tim made no promises about what shenanigans may or may not take place over the 26-hour, non-stop event, he did promise one thing: silliness.

“The great Telethon silliness of years gone by is returning,” he giggled, adding that it was the only weekend we could expect “people from Home and Away to do really dodgy and embarrassing things…”

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While the opening and closing shows at RAC Arena are ticketed at $30 each (6.45pm on Saturday 22 and 7pm on Sunday 23), outside, RAC Arena and Wellington Street will transform for the Telethon Family Festival which is free to enter for all ages. The festival includes live entertainment, rides, activities and food trucks.