While he didn’t have to isolate after returning from Sydney, the Premier said he would… and we thought it was a good opportunity to pin him down when he couldn’t escape from his self-imposed quarantine.

“You gotta deliver on your commitments,” Mark McGowan told Clairsy & Lisa, before conceding that the time by himself so far hadn’t been too bad.

“I cooked a chicken curry last night,” he revealed but before we could ask him for his recipe, he quickly admitted he wasn’t “much of a cook.”

Lisa assured him that he might be by the end of the week. McGowan agreed, joking it was one of his ambitions for his seven days locked away.

But jokes aside, after explaining what seems to be an ever-evolving close contact policy,  McGowan said we’ve learned “so much” from over east.

“It’s been the best thing to have been the last one to get [Omicron] because we’ve learned – we’ve got lots of RATs, we have higher vaccination levels.” he said.

“Forewarned is forearmed,” Lisa chimed in, to which he agreed.

“I mean, nothing’s perfect but it’s so much better.”

Lisa queried why the close contact policy seemed to change on the fly.

“Is this us simply, as everyone kept on asking for, ‘living with COVID’?”

McGowan said they adjust the policy due to changing circumstances – something else that was learned from the east where they too had to mix-and-match and change-up the rules as they went along and circumstances changed.

He added that West Australians are much better off and less frightened than we were a year or two ago.

“We are so prepared and so ready to go through this that I think the state will do extraordinarily well and may well be one of the places in the entire world that they say, ‘they had the least impact with the highest vaccination and the best prepared community’, which would be a great thing.”

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