West Coast had one hairy moment flying back into Perth after their clash with GWS a couple of weekends ago.

Elliot Yeo recalled what happened when the plane was approaching Perth… which you may remember was in the midst of getting absolutely smashed by a wild storm.

“We were just about to land, and the plane dropped, it felt like it dropped for an eternity,” he told Clairsy & Lisa on Tuesday. “I was loving it; it was like a roller coaster.”

The last thing West Coast needed was another thumping, right? (sorry)

“And I’ve heard the biggest scream from a few of the boys coming out the back.”

“Gov hates turbulence, JJ hates it,” Yeo said of teammates Jeremy McGovern and Jamaine Jones.

“To the point that the boys were turning around and laughing at them, because it was pretty bad.”