As someone who has literally booked into a hotel room just to indulge in a bath, I’m hyperventilating over this event Freo’s putting on.

As part of the 10 Nights In Port festival, the crew at Soak & Plunge will be setting up a string of their woodfired tubs by the water.

For $50, you’ll get to have a divine warm soak, all while being served refreshments and treats right to your tub so you won’t have to hop out.

Honestly, this sounds like heaven.

If you like, you’ll also be offered the ‘Plunge’ part of the experience, which is a quick invigorating dunk in cold water.

Soak & Plunge will be set up on the Fremantle Waterfront, August 12-14 and August 16-20 August at 2.30pm, 5pm and 7.30pm daily.