Elliot Yeo says he’s a massive fan of the barrel shot or a torpedo, especially onto balconies.

The West Coast midfielder is expected to return to the WAFL competition this weekend after missing most of the 2022 season due to injury and Covid protocols.

Basically, he’s only played one-and-a-half games so far this year. Ugh.

After a brief post-mortem of the Eagles’ 21.12 (138) to 13.8 (86) loss against GWS on Sunday, Yeo’s eyes lit-up at Clairsy & Lisa’s mention of Harry Himmelberg’s 70-metre barrel kick-in from the goal square:

“I do love a barrel,” he admitted.

“At Mineral Res, there’s a few balconies and I love kicking torps onto the balcony.”

He explained that there’s a couple of metres between a net and the balcony/roof area, but it appears some of the boys like to aim for over the net, sending anyone who might be up there to scatter.

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