West Coast’s Elliot Yeo has revealed who he’d never – ever – like to be lined-up with on the footy field.

On Tuesday, Yeo was reflecting on the performance of Hawthorn forward Luke Breust, who booted an equal career-best six goals, the last one late in the last quarter to seal Sunday’s 25-point win against the Eagles at the MCG.

“I remember my first couple of years [playing AFL], Breust was one of those players that you just didn’t want to man-up on, especially as a young kid too – he’s just so silky around goals, he’s a hard player to stop that’s for sure,” Yeo told Clairsy & Lisa.

Clairsy remarked that Breust was one of those players who really had “that sense of where they are all the time,” to which Yeo agreed.

“They do, yeah, [Breust] is one of them, Lecker [Mark LeCras] was one of them, Eddie Betts as well,” he said.

“They were a few I did not want to line-up on in the backline, they’re some freaky ones.”

Lisa then asked Yeo, of all the players, who would he 10/10 not want to be lined-up on – like, ever.

His answer was an absolute blast from the past.

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