As if Freo veteran David Mundy wasn’t wired enough when he was getting ready to do his lap of honour at the MCG on Grand Final day… but adding kids to the mix proved almost too much for the legend.

During his last official chat with Clairsy & Lisa, Mundy revealed what was going through his head at the time.

“We got into the back of the Hilux ute underneath the stadium and all three of my kids were in the back with me, Shane Edwards and his beautiful daughter, who was sitting perfectly on his knee really nicely,” he said.

The Mundy kids? Not so much.

“At that moment, I was like ‘there’s every chance that one or all of my children at any point in this lap will jump off’,” he recalled.

“I’m sitting there really nervous [and think] ‘if they go, I’m not going’; someone else can catch them.”

But something happened when the ute drove up from under the stadium to the playing surface…

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