In a stunning turnaround, West Coast’s Jack Darling has been vaccinated and, once some admin clears, is free to return to the club.

Ryan Daniels tweeted the unfolding situation on Thursday arvo, which included that Darling might be back at West Coast way sooner that anyone could’ve guessed.

“Not just soon, but very very soon… i.e. Monday,” Rhino said, still with somewhat disbelief in his voice.

“And that shocked me and after a few phone calls, it became apparent, yes, that was the case. A major backflip from Jack Darling.”

Rhino added that this paperwork would be cleared by the AFL today.

And blowing our minds even more was that there is “a small chance he’ll event be at training today”, which Rhino described as crazy, considering the “stunning turn of events”.

Lisa then chimed in.

“I’m not shocked at all,” she deadpanned before explaining…

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