The seat is still warm but Lisa wasted no time to suggest who could coach the Perth Wildcats after Thursday’s shock announcement.

After just one season and having two more years on his contract, coach Scott Morrison has decided to leave the club, citing family health reasons.

“It’s not a great year to be a Scomo,” Ryan Daniels remarked to Clairsy & Lisa on Friday.

Morrison is the latest in a long line of key Wildcats figures who have moved on recently, including chief executive Troy Georgiu who was sacked just this week.

Georgiu had been with the Wildcats for 20 years and served as chief executive since 2017.

Financial controller Sanjer Chowdhury and commercial GM Anthony Radich have also resigned in recent times under the new ownership of Sports Entertainment Network.

SEN boss Craig Hutchison bought the Wildcats last year from the late Jack Bendat, who died in February.

“Am I the only one to think, hmm, Damian Martin?” Lisa suggested as a possible replacement for Morrison.

“For coach? I love that!” Rhino replied.

“Am I dreaming?” Lisa continued.

“No! I haven’t even thought of that…” Rhino said.

Well. You heard it here first, everyone.

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Morrison was appointed coach last August after Trevor Gleeson took up an assistant’s role at NBA outfit Toronto Raptors.

The Wildcats made a hot start to the season under Morrison, but they faded badly and ended the campaign in fifth spot with a 16-12 record, ending their world record 35-year play-off streak.

Morrison was keen to stay in Perth, but the Canadian has put the health of his two young children before his coaching career.

“It’s not a life-or-death situation, but it’s a situation that is a crucial time to make sure we make the right moves and get as much support as we can,” Morrison said.

“The choice came down to a potential risk of regret in terms of a parent and a potential risk in my career. We’re choosing the latter. That’s all I really want to say about it.

“Maybe I won’t be the head coach of the [New York] Knicks like I thought I would be when I started coaching, but I still feel pretty good that I can have a career in coaching for sure.”