“It’s imminent now,” Ryan Daniels began his chat with Clairsy & Lisa on Friday, referring to Ross Lyon, who is on the verge of being re-appointed coach of the Saints, 11 years after his shock defection to Fremantle.

“Remember how he left [St Kilda]? It was brutal,” Rhino reminded us. “He had a weird clause in his contract that no even he knew about until the last minute.”

The re-appointment comes after St Kilda’s ruthless dismissal of Brett Ratten last week, less than 100 days after the club handed him a contract extension.

It was reported that Lyon’s interest in returning to St Kilda is driven in part by the desire to rectify what he sees as a “disrespectful narrative” around the embattled AFL club.

However, Lyon’s move has also been described as going back to an ex.

“Yeah, if your ex like had it off with your neighbour, in your bed and took a dump on the carpet on the way out… and you’re going back to this person saying ‘this is fine’,” Rhino deadpanned.

We’re highly doubtful you’re going to hear this vivid description during his sport report on 7News tonight.

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