Bon Scott and Brian Johnson may be AC/DC’s most famous singers, but Dave Evans was the band’s first, and in his opinion, the best.

In a recent interview, Evans was asked who he thought was the band’s best singer.

“Well, first, Dave Evans is the best, of course,” he replied. “That’s me, okay? Of course. And most of my fans will tell you exactly that, too.”

Evans co-founded the band with Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Colin Burgess and Larry Van Kriedt in 1973 and sang on their first official single ‘Can I Sit Next To You, Girl’ and its B-side ‘Rocking in the Parlour’ before being replaced by the late Scott in 1974.

Scott led the band until his tragic passing in 1980, and Johnson has been the frontman ever since.

He also had some words for anyone who likes to compare Scott to Johnson.

“If you’re an AC/DC fan, you must embrace the whole band, because first of all, there was the five founding members, and I’m one of ’em,” Evans said.

“And if you’re biased against one or the other, then you’re not really an AC/DC fan. If you’re a Bon Scott AC/DC fan or a Brian Johnson AC/DC fan, you’re a fan of part of the band.”

A film about Scott is currently in the works that plans to explore his early years.

AC/DC are set for a European tour later this year.