Nine has made a change to its programming tonight following the death of the legendary Tina Turner.

Told in five parts, Tina is described as a revealing and intimate look at her life, from her rise to early fame, her personal and professional struggles throughout her life and resurgence as a global superstar in the 1980s.

In the autumn of 1981, struggling to gain meaningful momentum in her career, Tina Turner sat for an interview with Carl Arrington, the music editor of People Magazine. Five years earlier, she had filed for divorce from Ike Turner, her husband and musical partner for over 16 years. Together they had climbed the charts and made musical history with their hits “A Fool in Love”, “River Deep – Mountain High” and “Proud Mary”. Off stage, they appeared to have a healthy marriage and family life.

The story she would tell Carl was an honest and harrowing account of the abuse and torture she had suffered through during her marriage, and the brave escape she made after years of trauma. The article would be the first of many profiles that would cement Tina’s image as a survivor, helping to fuel the story of her extraordinary yet improbable career comeback.

Notably, the documentary has interviews with Tina herself with a stunning amount of archival footage spanning 60 years.

Tina draws to an emotional conclusion with Tina Turner taking a bow at the opening night of the Broadway musical about her life, a fitting swan song for an immensely talented performer who courageously spoke her truth about domestic abuse, and refused to let age, gender or a difficult past stand in her way.

Tina is a celebration of Tina Turner’s immense talent, improbable journey to global stardom and her own embrace of her status as a beloved and respected survivor.

Tina, 7.30pm tonight, May 25, on Nine

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