In ‘the thing that could be another thing’ news, comes a couple of items that has Aldi’s middle aisle… buzzing.

Call it what you want, but the ‘Hot and Cold Massager’ looks exactly what you think it is.

Especially when they describe it has having ‘3 adjustable levels for cooling, massage and heating” with a “specially designed head to suit different areas of the body’.

But these shameless beasts at Aldi haven’t stopped there.

The $59.99 Fitness Mini Massage Gun appliance under the ‘wellness’ section has four intensities and attachments to help massage out aches and pains.

It’s worth noting that similar appliances (sometimes used in physio treatments) can be found elsewhere for up to $700.

Both products drop on December 7 as part of Aldi’s Special Buys.

Verrrry Special Buys, it seems.