A policy preventing Kmart customers from using gift cards online looks set to stay, despite the retail giant now having an extensive ‘Online Exclusives’ range.

The frustrating issue was addressed more than two years ago during the pandemic when customers claimed it prevented them from physical distancing.

At the time, a Kmart representative said the retailer was exploring options with regards to gift cards.

“We don’t have the ability to accept gift cards online at the moment, but we do understand that this is a unique situation and an uncertain time for everyone,” they had said.

“We’ve certainly explored this option for our customers, but it seems changing the functionality of our website would take some time, so may not be something we can turn around in the coming weeks.”

Despite this response from 2020, 96FM reached out to Kmart after it was discovered that while gift cards can be purchased online, they’re still not accepted as payment online.

Meaning gift cards couldn’t be used to purchase from their ‘Online Exclusives’ range, where 346 products are currently listed, including furniture, toys and white goods. The majority of these online only items are listed at over $100.

On Monday, a Kmart spokesperson confirmed they still didn’t have this functionality on their website, but would reach out should things change.

They did not respond to the question of how far away this functionality could be.

“Confirming that we do not have this functionality online and that gift cards should be redeemed in-store,” they said.

(For those wondering if they could go in-store to pay for their online order with gift cards… also no.)

Gift cards can be used online at many other retailers, including IKEA, JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Target.