I swear the mad lads at Aldi are trolling us with their upcoming Special Buys.

It starts off with a real self-care vibe on Wednesday, January 25, where we noticed a bunch of great bathroom and sleep essentials, including weighted blankets, anti-snore pillows and a luxurious spa bathrobe.

Then on Saturday, January 28, we’re still on the self-care train with stuff for yoga, a portable blender and the always crowd-pleasing $89 ‘massage gun’.

Then February 1 rolls around.

Forget anything that’s quiet, chill and gentle… how about everything you’ll need for putting together an entire band?

We’re talking guitars, flutes, clarinets, violins, keyboards, bongos, trumpets… everything your neighbours are gonna love.

Weirdly, the only quiet thing is the electronic drum kit.

Full range of Music Special Buys

  • Assorted Guitar Accessories $9.99
  • Microphone, Microphone Stand or Guitar Stand $14.99
  • Sheet Music Stand $24.99
  • Drum Stool, Keyboard Stool or Keyboard Stand $29.99
  • Bongo Drums $49.99
  • Acoustic Guitar $79.99
  • Solid Wood Violin $99.99
  • Light-Up Keyboard $99.99
  • Mixed Instruments $159.99 – flute, trumpet or clarinet
  • Electronic Drum Kit $299

(Full products can be viewed within the catalogue available from Wednesday, January 25)