The Australian Interior Design Awards have just named this home the ‘Premier Award for Australian Interior Design’… which roughly translates to “this place is real noice, aye”.

The Melbourne property, designed by Clare Cousins Architects for Stable & Cart House, was built with the bones of a 1920’s warehouse.

According to the jury, “Stable and Cart House beautifully balances the retention of an existing building with very bold and practical new insertions” and honestly I was thinking the exact same thing.

The awards cover a bunch of different categories including ‘Interior Design Impact’, ‘Hospitality Design’, ‘Workplace Design’, ‘Residential Decoration’ and more.

Each winning entry is pretty impressive, with full galleries so you can see yourself living there rather than in a share house where your roommate Daniel won’t stop stealing your food even though he claims he’s never taken your leftover ravioli.

Anyway, you can check out all the winners here.