Are there any limits to where Aussie brands will try and shove Vegemite?

The salty spread has popped up in various food collabs over the years, some of which have made perfect sense (like Vegemite-flavoured Arnott’s Shapes) while some of which have been downright absurd (Vegemite-flavoured ice cream).

But we really don’t know what to think of this one, and maybe that’s why it’s not officially an actual thing just yet.

To celebrate their 130th anniversary, Uncle Tobys are asking Aussies whether they would eat a version of their quick oats sachets with Vegemite flavouring?

Why? Because apparently they’ve already made a batch in their Uncle Tobys lab and they want to share it with Australia, or something.

According to Uncle Tobys, their Oats with Vegemite combines smooth and creamy oats with the savoury notes of Vegemite…which makes sense, but does that mean they would actually taste good together?

What do you reckon? Would you eat oats with Vegemite? You can let Uncle Tobys know whether you would eat this wacky brekky on their website now.