Before you ask ‘Is this still available?’ why it most certainly is.

This slice of pure mid-90s has come onto the market and hey, why hire the hot-pink stretch Hummer around Perth when you could straight-up own this classic limo.

Listed on the ‘Perth By And Sell’ Facebook page, the 1995 Ford Fairlane automatic limo has done just over 200K clicks and is registered until September.

“Great to start your own business,” the seller says.

Honestly, I’m getting flashbacks of arriving at Observation City for my Year 12 ball.

If these doors could talk.

Of course, when a listing like this comes up, it’s a case of heading straight to the comments.

“Don’t worry about buying a house. Just live in this,” one commenter said and yeah, what a vehicle to kick off your #vanlife adventure.

“Can we please get this for a new work bus?” was another (who clearly had the foresight see the potential of those champagne buckets being a top spot to store some Dare iced coffees).

If you’re interested, because how could you not, hit the page up.