Perth will be home to a second IKEA in Cannington early next year.

But before you think it’ll be another giant Swedish mothership like the one in Innaloo, this one is expected to be much less daunting.

IKEA’s Plan and Order Point is a smaller (and saner) concept store which will offer a more one-on-one service for shoppers who are looking for more specific home solutions without the full IKEA experience.

(This means there will be no items to buy immediately or food for sale. RIP meatballs.)

The first Aussie Plan and Order Point Concept Store opened in Melbourne last year at Highpoint Shopping Centre, so we’re guessing the Cannington fit out will look pretty similar:

IKEA Cannington will also have a handy Pick-Up Point, so you can shop the full IKEA range online before simply swinging by and picking it all up.