While our official road rules are clearly defined, what about the unofficial ones?

In a recent survey by Youi Insurance, the awareness and uptake of on-road etiquette such as ‘the wave’, zipper merging and reverse parallel parking were highlighted – the basic question being, how many of us are actually doing them?

The Art of the ‘Thank You’ Wave

At the heart of WA road etiquette is the ‘thank you wave’. The simple gesture of acknowledgement – a literal wave or the raise of an index finger – can hold significant weight on the road. But despite the survey revealing that a staggering 89% of WA drivers are aware of this courteous practice, only 60% admit to actually doing it.

The Challenge of the Zipper Merge

Another critical, yet less embraced, element of road etiquette in WA is the ‘Zipper Method.’ Particularly during peak hours, this kind of merge ensures a smoother flow. While 70% of West Aussies recognise it and despite its practicality, fewer than half of us (48%) implement it regularly.

The Drama of Reverse Parallel Parking

We get it. Waiting for someone to pull a reverse parallel park is a pain, but it’s also a significant etiquette point. The survey noted that 82% of WA drivers understand the importance of waiting for a vehicle to complete its parking manoeuvre before passing. However, the patience to practice this understanding consistently is found in only 56% of drivers.

You can read Youi’s full report here.