Seven Australian tourist attractions have been dubbed the “most boring” on the planet, two of which are right here in Perth.

Instead of traditional star ratings, the research by Solitaired scoured tourist reviews for terms like ‘tiresome’, ‘lifeless,’ and ‘boring’, to rank attractions.

Topping the cold-spots in Australia is WA’s Museum Boola Bardip. The Bell Tower also made the list, albeit much further down.

Ever the overachiever, we thought we could find even more overrated spots around the state – so we opened the phones to find the really boring ones…

Other Australian attractions to make the list:

  • Melbourne’s Legoland, the iconic Luna Park, and the Immigration Museum
  • The Museum of Sydney
  • Tasmania’s MONA

You can check out the full list of Top 100 Most Boring Tourist Attractions Worldwide right here