Australia’s newest COVID-19 vaccine has begun to roll out this week and will become more accessible in the next fortnight.

Novavax is the first protein-based vaccine to be approved for use against COVID-19 in Australia.

While Australia’s vaccination rate is over 94 per cent, health officials have expressed optimism Novavax could help boost the rate further, particularly among those who had been holding out.

Dr Andrew Miller told The Bunch the Novavax vaccine uses a different method of delivery than others.

‘It uses a spike protein without the mRNA, which became a bit of an internet objection, which wasn’t  a real objection, but there are some people who are happier with this kind of delivery method for the little protein that we want the immune system to get upset about and, if it sees it again, it knows to keep it out,” he explained.

“It’s a bit like the bouncer having a photo of the people who aren’t allowed in the club, and that’s what this vaccine will do very, very well.”

Clairsy asked Dr Miller why it’s taken now – February 2022 – to get this vaccine?

Here’s what he had to say…

The head of Australia’s vaccine rollout, Lieutenant-General John Frewen said that while currently Novavax is only approved as a primary course of vaccine, the process for its approval as a booster is about to commence.

Novavax won’t be used for vaccines as part of the aged care rollout, but health officials said it could be used for aged care residents if they specifically request it.