It was a case of no Fyfe, no Serong, no Darcy, no Mundy, no worries for Freo at the weekend after their 55-point massacring of the Eagles.

At the time, Dave Mundy was on the tail-end of his family’s COVID-ravaged household, and only got out of isolation on Monday.

He told 96FM on Tuesday that he was just like any of the Purple Army watching at home.

“I was pacing the living room… but pretty happy with the result.”

While he was pleased with Fremantle’s performance, but acknowledged West Coast’s situation.

“We understand the challenges that West Coast are facing at the moment, it was a far cry from their full strength,” he said.

“Hopefully the Derby later in the year, both teams can have a better complement of their players available and we can see how we go in that.”

While Fremantle had their own list of setbacks, West Coast have had an absolute shocking run of key players benched over health and safety protocols or straight-up injuries.

One thing’s for sure, Mundy is champing at the goddamn bit to get a game this week against GWS.

“We’ll have our main training session today and I’ll have a bit of a run around and see how the body reacts to a bit of stress,” he said. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had a decent hit-out… but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Speaking of injuries, Fremantle captain Nat Fyfe had a message for critics who reckon his playing future will be cut short over dramas he’s had with his back and shoulder.

“By all means, go your hardest,” Fyfe told on Tuesday.

Mundy backed Fyfe by saying one of his greatest strengths is how competitive he is.

“He uses every facet of his life to generate motivation and to drive himself in his rehab and his [training],” Mundy said.

“I’ve got no doubt he’s using all these little bombs that are coming his way as ammunition to really drive himself through a pretty tough period, it’s been a tough few months for him.”

Insofar as when we can see Fyfe back amongst it, it’s really a case of how long’s a piece of string.

“He’s had a couple of shoulder operations and now his back operation… the recovery time is obviously a bit of an unknown but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, but I have no doubt he’s going to attack that rehab and be ready to go at some point.”