Fremantle legend Dave Mundy has been relegated back to the couch for a second week after a ‘scary’ experience with Covid running rampant at his place, impacting his wife and three young kids.

While Dave initially isolated away to avoid catching it, it eventually got him.

“It kicked us in the teeth,” Mundy told Clairsy & Lisa.

“We had a couple of really bad reactions to it, [we had] some quite sick children, so yeah, it was a scary few days.”

The week off meant the club veteran had to watch the game like the rest of us.

“I haven’t had much practice watching Fremantle in the last 19 years…  I didn’t like it very much,” he said, but didn’t say if that referred to not being able to play or the 10-point loss to St Kilda. Maybe it was both.

“It was a tough game to watch, wasn’t it? The basics really let us down, which was really frustrating as a spectator,” he added.

Lisa chimed in over coach Justin Longmuir, who had remarked it was one of the more disappointing losses he’s been involved with. She likened his comments to a disappointed parent, to which Mundy (and most of us) related.

“Oh yeah, the ol’ ‘I’m not angry I’m just really disappointed’ look,” Mundy joked, “Uggggh, I’m so sorry!”

Mundy reflected some more on the match before being asked to weigh-in on using debutantes as medical subs… and he didn’t hold back.

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