While it’s great news that Fremantle captain Nat Fyfe has re-joined his teammates at main training for the first time since undergoing back surgery… the news isn’t so great for wingman Nathan O’Driscoll.

Ryan Daniels mentioned that the young star has a hot spot on his foot.

Yeah, we had no idea what that was either.

“So, basically what’s happened is all the other players have been trying to log onto the internet using his wifi… nah,” Daniels joked, almost ensnaring Lisa yet again.

“You don’t know a hot spot until you’ve been through menopause, don’t muck around,” she shot back.

Ryan then explained the hot spot as localised inflammation and stress… which on the surface seems innocuous, until he said that O’Driscoll was needing a pretty serious six weeks off… and that’s after catching it early.

Not only did Ryan chat about AFL but he also had something to say about the ridiculous deal that NFL star Tom Brady has snagged… for a job they have no idea if he can do.

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