You may have heard of Americano coffee… which is basically just a plain black coffee in the US, but McCafé has pulled a cheeky one and spun its own Aussie version: the Australiano.

And it’s about as far away from plain black coffee as you can get, and aficionados are gonna be curious about this.

The limited edition coffee combines locally-roasted beans, chai and… native Australian wattleseed.

We haven’t tried it just yet, but Tiktokker Darcy did it a spin…

@darcyomalley_ Have you tried Maccas Australiano Latte? ☕️ #mcdonalds #mccafe #coffeetiktok ♬ original sound – Darcy

She followed up her clip by saying it did indeed have coffee in it but we Aussies are very particular about trying new coffee and we’re guessing if it’s too subtle, you can always get it with an extra shot, right?

A comment on her post said, “My partner tried this yesterday and goes ‘it takes like Australia, like gumtrees”