If Kalgoorlie wasn’t already one of WA’s biggest party towns… it most certainly is now after one of the two winnings tickets were sold in the mining hub.

The two winning tickets claimed will take home $63,309,057 each after claiming the eyewatering $127 million Division One prize.

It’s understood a syndicate of 250 had one of the two winning tix, bought at the City News in Kalgoorlie, the newsagent celebrating in classic Kal style…

The syndicate means each person will take home roughly $250,000.

Clairsy & Lisa had a chat about it this morning…

The other lucky $63m winner was from NSW.

There were also big wins for 20 other WA players, each snaffling more than $77,000 with a Division Two win. They were among 36 winners of that prize around the country.

The Kal syndicate win comes a couple of months after a group of 55 gym-goers chipped in $5 each and scooped the entire $80 million Powerball. They each pocketed $1.5 million.

Last year, one West Aussie took out the entire $30 million OZ Lotto jackpot and in 2019, a Sydney woman took out the biggest individual prize ever won in Australian lotto history, a jaw-dropping $107,575,649.

Last night’s winning numbers were 6, 15, 9, 27, 32, 28 and 33. The Powerball was 8.