While it seems that WA was mocked in this year’s lamb ad, the question has been circling local social media: ‘Umm, where can I get that map?’

Released by the Meat and Livestock Australia, this year’s campaign is called ‘The Lost Country of the Pacific’ and celebrates Australia reuniting with the rest of the world after years of isolation.

Of course, it features Australian ‘Lambassador’ Sam Kekovich… and what looks like Mark McGowan, who is looking at a map of ‘the entire world’ showing only WA, which he calls ‘perfect’.

Earlier this week, McGowan laughed off the advert.

“Yeah, I saw that. The map looks very similar to a map I’ve got in my office so I’m not sure how they got in and filmed it. But it was a very funny ad,” he joked.

However, the joke could be on those who tried to poke fun at WA’s depiction, with a groundswell of people wondering where they can get a copy of the map.


‘Where can I buy this map?’ Reddit user u/Skippy321 asked, displaying the scene from the ad.

While the chatter began fairly off-topic, it wasn’t long before another Redditor offered to ‘rustle something similar up on Photoshop’ and make it freely available so others could print it out.

And straight-up legend u/Mike91444 totally come through in a post that has been 97% upvoted.

Here’s where you can download it:

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